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Peer = Peermusic published
Self = self-published works

“Conga for Orchestra… With layers of rhythm, a sensual bolero and a final urban frenzy like a Miami hurricane, it brought the house to its feet.” – Herald Tribune, Sarasota, Florida

“Wild and sincere music, skillful and effective. I enjoyed conducting it” – Lukas Foss, composer conductor

CHAMBER MUSIC – no piano

ABSENT LIGHTS oboe, viola and double bass – 8:30 Self
ABSENT LIGHTS oboe, clarinet, bassoon – 8:30 Self
ABSENT LIGHTS (Luces Ausentes) flute, violin and double bass Self

BLINDFOLD MUSIC wind quintet – 11:00 Self

BOLIVIANA guitar and string quartet 20:00 Self

HERBSTTAG (Autumn Day) fl, bn,harp 7:30 Peer

HEXEN bn,string ensemble 12:00 Peer

LIFE IS A DREAM  string quartet 15:00 Peer

MALAMBO bassoon and string quartet or quintet (+Cb) 13:00 Self
MALAMBO clarinet / string quartet or quintet +Cb) 13:00 Self
MALAMBO saxophone / string quartet or quintet +Cb) 13:00 Self
MALAMBO flute / string quartet or quintet +Cb) 13′:00 Self

NOSTALGICA  bassoon and string quartet 19:00 Self
NOSTALGICA  double bass and string quartet Self

PACIFIC SERENADE  string quartet, clarinet (opt.sax) 16:00 Peer

PRESTO A 8  guitar quartet 6:00 Self
guitar quartet and string quartet 6:00 Self
PRESTO II  string quartet 6:00 Peer
PRESTO A DOS cello and double bass  6:00 Self

PROCESSION OF LUNATICS  four cellos 9:00 Self

QUINTETO SINFÓNICO  wind quintet 12:00 Self

SEDUCCION THEME  flute,alto sax,guitar,harp 4:00 Self

SUBMERGED  flute, viola, harp  10:00 Self
SUBMERGED  flute, violin and harp Self
SUBMERGED  flute, violin, cello and harp Self
SUBMERGED  flute, viola Self
SUBMERGED  oboe, violin and harp Self
SUBMERGED  Violin, English horn, and harp Self
SUBMERGED  (Sumergida) –  three harps Self
SUBMERGED  two harps Self
SUBMERGED  Septet: flute, clarinet, string quartet and harp Self

THE DAY AFTER  4 cellos (optional 8 cellos) 3:00 Self

TRANSOCEÁNICA   clarinet quartet (3 cl + B.cl) 8:00 Self
   reed quintet (ob,cl,sax,b.cl,bn) 8:00 Self

WIND QUINTET No.2  fl,ob,cl,hn,bn 30:00 Peer

WIND QUINTET No. 3  woodwind quintet 10:00 Self

QUINTETO SINFÓNICO wind quintet Self

GUARANÍ AL AIRE  3 harps (harp trio) 8:00 Self

CHAMBER MUSIC – with piano

BARROQUEADA violin, cello and piano 19:00 Self

BOLIVIANA piano and string quartet 15:00 Self

BROKEN RONDO  English horn, pno. 13:00 Peer

CARIBBEAN BACCHANAL  2 pianos/8 hands  13:00

CHARANGO CAPRICCIOSO string quartet,piano 14:00 Peer
CHARANGO CAPRICCIOSO  piano 4-hands, 2 violins, viola 2 cellos 14:00 Peer

CLARINET CONCERTO  cl, pno 17:00 Peer

CLOCKS string quartet,pno. 17:00 Peer
octet for flute clarinet bassoon harp violin viola cello piano 17:00 Peer

CONCIERTO EN TANGO  cello and piano 18:00 Peer
CONCIERTO EN TANGO viola and piano 18:00 Peer
CONCIERTO EN TANGO string quartet and piano 18:00 Peer

CONGA-LINE IN HELL  1111-1111-hrp,1perc,pno. vl,va,vc,cb.11:00 Peer
CONGA-LINE IN HELL fl,cl,harp,piano, 1perc,8 cellos. 11:00 Peer
CONGA-LINE IN HELL fl,bn,tpt,vl,vla,vc, bass,pno,perc. 11:00 self
CONGA-LINE IN HELL  six pianos 13:00

DISAGREE  clarinet, violin, cello and piano 10:30 Self
DISAGREE!  clarinet, violin and piano 10:30 Self
DISAGREE!  clarinet, viola and piano 10:30 Self
flute, violin and piano 10:30 Self
DISAGREE! – flute, violin,cello and piano 10:30 Self
DISAGREE! – flute, clarinet and piano 10:30 Self

HEXEN (Witches) bn,pno 12:00 Peer

MALAMBO bassoon and piano 13:00 Self
MALAMBO clarinet and piano 13:00 Self
MALAMBO piccolo and piano and piano 13:00 Self
MALAMBO flute and piano 13:00 Self
MALAMBO saxophone and piano 13:00 Self
MALAMBO flute, double bass and piano Self
MALAMBO piccolo, clarinet, bassoon, harp, piano, violin, viola, cello Self

MIAMI FLUTE SUITE  flute and piano 23:00 Peer

MILONGA  clarinet, piano Self
from Salon Buenos Aires – fl,cl, vl,vc,pno. 23:00Peer

PACIFIC SERENADE   clarinet and piano 16:00 Peer
PACIFIC SERENADE   saxophone and piano 16:00 Peer

PIANOLA REBELDE  3 pianos  9:00 Self

RETURN  vl,pno. 15:00 Self

SALON BUENOS AIRES  fl,cl, vl,vla,vc,pno. 23:00 Peer
SALON BUENOS AIRES – fl,bn, vl,vla,vc,pno. 23:00 Peer
SALON BUENOS AIRES – fl,cl, vl,vc,pno. 23:00 Peer

SEDUCCION flute,cl,piano 9:00 Self
SEDUCCION flute,cello,piano 9:00 Self
SEDUCCION flute,violin,piano 9:00 Self
SEDUCCION  flute, alto sax and piano​ Self
SEDUCCION oboe, clarinet and piano​ Self
SEDUCCION  vl,piano. 7:00 Self
SEDUCCION  clarinet, piano 7:00 Self
SEDUCCION DANCE flute,oboe,pno  9:00 Self
SEDUCCION DANCE flute,sopr sax, pno Self

SEXTET DANCES wind quintet and piano 8:00 Self

SILENCE  violin and piano 10:00 Self
SILENCE viola and piano 10:00 Self
SILENCE  cello and piano 10:00 Self
SILENCE  double bass and piano 10:00 Self
SILENCE  clarinet and piano 10:00 Self

SUMMER SONG  oboe,pno. 16:00 Peer

SUNSET SONG  bassoon,pno 18:00 Peer

TAMBOREÑO  piano quintet (string quartet and piano) 8:00 Self
TAMBOREÑO  flute, clarinet, electric guitar, bass and piano 8:00 Self

TANGO TRIO   vl,cello,pno. 12:00 Peer
TANGO TRIO   cl,cello,pno. (opt:ob,cello pno) 12:00 Self
TANGO TRIO   ob,bn,pno. (opt:cl,bn,pno) 12:00 Self
TANGO TRIO   English horn,bn,pno. 12:00 Self
TANGO TRIO  vl,cl,pno 12:00 Self
TANGO TRIO  cl, alto sax and piano 10:00 Self
TENSANDO  vl, cello, double bass and piano 10:00 Self
TENSANDO  vl, double bass and piano 10:00 Self


BACK IN TIME – 3222,4331, 4 perc, 9:30′
CARIBBEAN BACCHANAL – 3333-4331,hrp, pno. perc. 13:00 Peer

CARIBEÑA – orch. (2222-4221-pno-timp+2, strings) 8:00 Peer
CARIBEÑA – ch. orch. (1111-1110-pno-timp+1, strings) 8:00 Peer

CHAUTAUQUAN SUMMER  – full orch. 13:00 Peer
orchestra: 3333-4331-timp+3 perc-harp-strings

SALON BUENOS AIRES – orchestra 20:00 Peer
orchestra: 2222-221-2perc-piano/celeste-harp-strings

CONGA – 2222,3221,4 perc,pno, hrp, strings 12:00 Peer

CONGA-LINE IN HELL  1111-1111-hrp,1perc,pno. vl,va,vc,cb. 11:00 Peer

ISLAMORADA – string orchestra and piano Self

LIFE IS A DREAM string orchestra 15:00 Peer

TENSANDO – 2222 – 422 – Timp + 3 perc, hrp, keyboard, strings 12:00 Peer

THE FALL OF CUZCO – 3333,4331,4 perc,harp,cel,pno.strings 20:00 Peer

THE GIANT GUITAR  –  3333,4331,4 perc,harp,cel,pno.strings 7:00 Peer

TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS SUITE 2 – orch/choir, solo tenor 33:00 Peer
orchestra for all versions: 2222-2321-timp+3perc-piano-harp-strings

TOCCATA – 2222-2111, large perc,pno,str. 8:00 Peer


BROKEN RONDO  solo English horn and orch.  13:00 Peer
BROKEN RONDO solo English horn and symphonic band  13:00 Peer
Orchestra: picc,clarinet,bassoon-2 horns-timp+1 perc-harp,strings

CLARINET CONCERTO  solo Clarinet and orch. 25:00 Peer
Orch: 2222-2221-timp+1perc,hrp,pno,strings,solo clarinet

CONCIERTO EN TANGO  solo cello and orch. 18:00 Peer
CONCIERTO EN TANGO solo viola and orch. 18:00 Peer
CONCIERTO EN TANGO solo string quartet and orch. 18:00 Peer
orchestra for all versions: 2222-221 – timp+2 perc-harp-piano-strings

IT IS SO COLD TONIGHT solo high voice and orchestra 9:00 Self
IT IS SO COLD TONIGHT solo medium voice and orchestra 9:00 Self
orchestra: 2222-2221-timp+2perc-piano-strings

ISLAMORADA solo piano and string orchestra 9:30 Self
ISLAMORADA  pno/strings shorter version as intro to Caribeña 5:00 Self

HEXEN  solo bassoon and string orch. 12′ Peer

MALAMBO  solo bassoon and string orchestra 13:00 Self
MALAMBO  solo clarinet and string orchestra 13:00 Self
MALAMBO  solo flute and string orchestra 13′:00 Self
MALAMBO  solo saxophone and string orchestra 13:00​ Self
MALAMBO  solo piccolo and string orchestra 13′:00 Self

PIANO CONCERTO  solo piano and orch. 25:00 Self
orchestra: 2222-2221-timp+2-strings

RETURN TO HOMELAND  solo violin and orch. 15:00 Self

SILENCE solo clarinet and string orch. 10:00 Self

TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS SUITE No.2  orch. choir, solo tenor  33:00 Peer
orchestra: 2222-2321-timp+3perc-piano-harp-strings

VIOLIN CONCERTO  solo violin and orch, 27:00 Peer
orchestra: 2222-423-timp+3 perc-harp-celeste-strings



CONGA  solo piano 10:00 Peer

MALAMBO  piano 4-hands 13:00 Self

HALF OF ME   pno. left hand only. 8:00 Self

INVISIBLES  solo piano 13:00 Self

ISLAMORADA  solo piano 6:00 Self

MUSIC IN A BOTTLE   solo piano 10:00 Presser

NOCTURNE  solo piano 8:00 Self

PIANO SONATA No.2  solo piano 15:00 Peer

TOCCATA   solo piano 5:00 Peer

VALS BRUTAL  solo piano 5:00 Self


BELLS WITH A MISSION  solo organ 15:00 Self

ONE OF YOU   solo organ, 14:00 Self

PICTURES FROM AMERICA  harpsichord 13:00 Self

TOCCATA  harpsichord 3:30 Self


ESTUDIO RÍTMICO  solo unaccompanied clarinet 8:00 Self
ESTUDIO RÍTMICO  solo unaccompanied saxophone 8:00 Self

SONATA FLAUTÍSIMA  solo unaccompanied flute 11:30 Self

CUTTING LIMES  solo unaccompanied violin 4:00 Self

SAMBEANDO solo guitar 2:00 Self

TENNESSEE solo guitar 11:30 Self


AGNUS DEI  med-high voice, pno. 7:00 Self
AGNUS DEI  choir a capella 5:00 Self

ALBUQUERQUE  barbershop quartet  3:00 Self

AVE MARIA  treble chorus and piano (opt Hrp) 5:00 Peer

COMPOSER MISSING – chamber opera: choir, S,A,T,B soli  9o:00 Self

CUAUHTEMOC – full length opera: orch,choir soli  3 hrs. Self

CUAUHTEMOC CHORAL SUITE – choir,3 soli,pno,perc 35:00 Self

CUAUHTEMOC SONGS  T,B,S soli and piano 50:00 Self

FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT  ch choir, wind quartet, harp. 8:00 Self

IT IS SO COLD TONIGHT   high voice and piano (opt. orch) Self
IT IS SO COLD TONIGHT   medium voice/piano (opt. orch) Self

LACRYMOSA  med-high voice,piano 7:30′ Self

OPHELIA IN SEVILLE  sopr, tenor, fl, cl, tbn, 2 vlns, vla, vc 16:00 Self

SALVA ME  choir a cappella (opt. piano) 7:00 Self

TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS  Opera in two acts: chorus, orchestra. alto, tenor and other soli. 150:00 Peer
TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS CHORAL SUITE – orchestra, mixed chorus. 17′ Peer
TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS CHORAL SUITE No.2. Same plus overture, solo tenor. 29:00 Peer

TROUBADOURS –  mixed choir, opt. pno., 10:00 Self

LIEUTENANT KIJE for 2 pianos 4-hands


choreography: Annabella Gonzalez
Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater New York

CONVERGENCE (Silence and Seducción)
choreography Brett Weidlich
Dance ART Ensemble/Ventura County Ballet
Focus on the Masters, Ventura, California

choreography: Mari Fujibayashi/Olivia Rosenkrantz
Tapage Dance Ensemble New York

Choreography: Esdras Hernández Villar
São Paulo Companhia de Dança/ San Paulo Dance Company
Music director: Ricardo Ballestero
Concept/ stage director: William Pereira
Dance director: Inês Bogéa
Dancers: Artemis Bastos, Daniel Reca, Luciana Davi, Luiza Yuk,
Matheus Queiroz, Nayla Ramos, Vinícius Vieira and Yoshi Suzuki
Orquestra do Theatro São Pedro
Anderson Santoro, Hugo Leonardo Farias,
Renan Gonçalves, Mariela Micheletti , violins
Diogo Guimarães, viola – Camila Hessel, cello
Ricardo Ballestero, piano
2021 Theatro São Pedro, Sao Paulo, Brazil

choreography: David Vega Chavez
New Mexico Ballet Dancers and New Mexico Symphony Orchestra. Albuquerque

Choreography: Minou Lallemand
Onium Ballet Project and Chamber Music Hawaii.  Honolulu, Hawaii

CAPADOCIA Third Season  – (Clocks)
Episode 36 “Taller con olor a muerto”
HBO Latin America and Argos Productions
Written: Laura Sosa, Leticia López Margalli, Guillermo Ríos Joaquín Guerrero Casasola and Carmen Madrid. Directed: Javier Patrón, Carlos Carrera, Pitipol Ybarra. Starring: Ana de la Reguera, Alejandro Camacho, Juan Manuel Berna, Dolores Heredia, Héctor Arredondo, Cecilia Suárez, Cristina Umaña, Marco Treviño

NATURALEZA QUIETA  a documentary series produced
TV UNAM, Mexico
Directed: Marcos Limenes and Carolina Kerlow
Sin aventuras no hay arte
El centro del equilibrio

Incidental television music for:
ORF Radio, Vienna, Austria
Incidental music for several theater productions worldwide.


For all selfpublished works and inquiries contact m@migueldelaguila.com or 



in the USA, Latin America and Canada


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Concierto en Tango

Music in a Bottle


Broken Rondo


Miguel del Aguila on YouTube

For inquiries CONTACT:

Three-time Grammy nominated American composer Miguel del Aguila was born in Uruguay. In over 130 works that combine drama, driving rhythms and nostalgic nods to his South American roots, he has established himself among the most distinctive and highly regarded composers of his generation. His music, which enjoys over 200 performances yearly, has been hailed as “brilliant and witty" (New York Times), “sonically dazzling” (LATimes) and “expressive and dramatic” (American Record Guide).

He is 2021 composer in residence with Danish Chamber Players/Ensemble Storstrøm, after residences with Orchestra of the AmericasNew Mexico Symph, Fresh Ink, CTSummerfest, Talis, and Chautauqua. 2021 commissions include works for Cuarteto LatinoamericanoEroica Trio and Fivebyfive. He was honored with 3 Latin Grammy nominationsKennedy Center Friedheim AwardNew Music USA/Music AliveMagnum Opus Award,  Lancaster Symph. Composer of the Year, and Copland Foundation among others.

His music has international appeal and presence with performances by over 100 orchestras, thousands of ensembles and 51 CD recordings. This list includes Royal Liverpool PhilWelsh BBCNorwegian Radio Orch, Brandenburgisches StaatsorchesterKiev, Odessa, Heidelberg, MexicoBuffalo and Louisiana philharmonics;  TorontoNashvilleSeattleAlbanySan Antonio, Long BeachFort WorthSanta Barbara, SarasotaCodartsCaracas, Puerto Rico and Sao Paulo symphonies. Artists who perform his works include JoAnn Falletta, Giancarlo Guerrero, Marin Alsop, Carlos Miguel PrietoLukas Foss, Gerard Schwarz, Jorge Mester, Guillermo Figueroa, David Allan Miller, Miguel Harth-BedoyaAndrew Litton, Eckart Preu and Jose AreanLA Chamber OrchestraSphinxVirtuosi, Windscape, PNME, SOLI, Chicago Phil.Ch.Players, MACE, New Juilliard EnsPhiladelphia Ch.Ens, Collegium Novum Zürich, Kammerensemble Classic, Imani, FifthHouse, Invoke, Pacifica, and Verona quartets.

New/upcoming releases of his works include CDs by Norwegian Radio OrchLouisiana Phil, Augusta SymphCuarteto Latinoamericano and Eroica Trio, on Naxos, Albany, Bridge and Centaur. Festival performances include Aspen, Breckenridge, Cabrillo, Ravinia, Oregon Bach Festival, Minnesota Orch.Sommerfest, Saarburg, Music in the VineyardsFocus! Bregenz Festspiele, Wiener Festwochen Budapest Spring,  CervantinoSan Miguel de AllendePrague Spring.

A sought after guest lecturer, he also serves on Barlow Endowment’s Board of Advisors. He's published by Peermusic, Presser and self-published. After graduating from San Francisco Conservatory he studied at Vienna's Universität für Musik un Darstellende Kunst. Early premieres in Musikverein and Konzerthaus were followed by Carnegie Recital Hall and Lukas Foss/Brooklyn Philharmonic concerts. Soon after his US return LATimes praised him as "one of the West Coast's most promising and enterprising young composers" and San Antonio Express-News as “One of the more intriguing compositional voices to come along in recent years“. He currently lives in Seattle.

2020-2021 performances/collaborations include Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota and Charlotte Symphonies, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Theatro São Pedro orchestra, São Paulo Dance Company, Brazil and Stavanger Symphoniorchestrer, Norway

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