Miguel del Aguila



“one of the longest and loudest rounds of applause I can recall… [with] the type of melodies that grab you and that you can remember … The piece grew kind of addictive, with its rhythm and zing… It made you want to stand up and cheer, and the crowd did.” – The Buffalo News

“His Concierto is catchy, sensuous, rhythmically stimulating and colorful” – American Record Guide


Op.1 MESSAGES – vc, 5 perc. 12:00 1982 Musikvereignssaal, Vienna 1983. R. Schiammarella vc, Vienna Cons. Perc.Ens

Op.2 SYMPHONIC SCENES – chr. orch. 12:30 1983 Ontario, Canada 1984, Mc Master Orch.- G. Frebold cond.

Op.3 PRISONS – chr. orch. 7:00 1983 Musikhochschule, Vienna 1983

Op.4 MÄRCHEN – 4cl,bn,cel, 1 perc. 13:00 1983 Musikhochschule, Vienna.

Op.5 SNOWMEN – picc, pf. 10:20 1984 Musikhochschule Vienna 1984. Claudia Góndola fl, Manon Renner pno.

Op.6 STRING QUARTET No.1 – 2vl,vla,vc (opt. Cb) 11:00 1984 Musikhochschule Vienna 1985. Wiener Hochschule Streichquartett

Op.7 THE NAKED KING – chr. orch. 25:30 1985 (not premiered)

Op.8 FIVE LIEDER – high voice, pf. 20:30 1986 Urania Theater, Vienna 1986, Renate Roman sop, Miguel del Aguila pno.

Op.9 TWO POEMS – high voice, perc,pf,str 8:40 1986 Urania Theater, Vienna, Roman sop, Aguila pno.

Op.10 FANTASIE – vc, pf-left hand 8:30 1986 Konzerthaus Vienna 1986. R. Schiammarella vc, Aguila pno.

Op.11 BURLESQUE – fl, pf-left hand 8:30 1986 Katholisch. Hochschulgemeinde Vienna 1987. Donata Solms fl, Aguila pno.

Op.12 ES IST ZEIT – sopr, fl, harp 8:00 1986 Urania Theater, Vienna 1986. R.Roman sop, Alicia Wojchiechowska hrp, Donata Schlenk fl.

Op.13 HERBSTTAG – (Autumn Day) fl, bn, harp 7:30 1986 Kath.Hochschulg. Vienna 1987. M.Bayer fl,J.Farmer bn, Wojchiech.

Op.14 PICTURES FROM AMERICA – harpsichord 13:00 1987 Künstlerhaus Vienna 1987, Sergio Posada

Op.15 PIANO SONATA No.1 – solo piano 19:20 1987 Bösendorfersaal Vienna1988, Aguila

Op.16 HEXEN (Witches) – bn, pf 12:00 1987 Kath. Hochschulgemeinde Vienna 1987. J.Farmer bn, Aguila pno.

Op.17 HEXEN – bn, string ensemble 12:00 1987 Konzerthaus Vienna 1988, American Music Ens. Vienna H.Earl cond, J.Farmer bn.

Op.18 NUNCA – sopr, harp 6:00 1987 Kath. Hochschulg. Vienna 1987. Veronique.Dubois fl, A.Wojchiechowska harp.

Op.19 DANCE SUITE – piano solo 15:20 1987 Bösendorfersaal Vienna 1988 Aguila

Op.20 WIND QUINTET No.1 – fl, ob, cl, bn, hn 14:00 1987 Kath. Hochschulgemeinde Vienna 1988

Op.21 AGNUS DEI – med-high voice, piano. 7:00 1988 Kath. Hochschulg. Vienna 1988, Sally Stevens sop, Aguila pno.

Op.22 FOUR SPANISH SONGS – pno. arr. from folk songs 10:00 1988 Bösendorfersaal Vienna 1988, Aguila

Op.23 TOCCATA – piano solo 5:30 1988 Bösendorfersaal Vienna 1988, Aguila

Op.24 FOUR WALTZES – chr. orch. arr. Botka’s 20:00 1988 premiered Vienna.

Op25 AT THE OPERA – children’s choir, perc 15:00 1988 Favoriten Schule Vienna 1988

Op.26 SUMMER SONG – oboe, piano. 16:00 1988 Stadt Initiative Vienna 1991. Vasile Marian ob, CorneliusWitthöft pno.

Op.27 TOCCATA – harpsichord 3:30 1988 Palais Wilhelminenhoff Vienna 1989. Marinka Brecelj harps.

Op.28 TOCCATA – orch: 2222-2111-6perc,pf,str. 8:00 1988 Konzerthaus Vienna 1989, American Music Ens. Vienna, H.Earl cond.

Op.28-A TOCCATA – chr. orch: 1111-1111,3perc,pf,str 8:00 1988 Town Hall New York City 1991. Cosmopolitan Symphony, T.León

Op.29 PIANO SONATA No.2 – piano solo 15:00 1988 Carnegie Rec.Hall New York 1989, Aguila

Op.30 REQUIEM – S-A-T:soli, choir,organ, 1perc. 50:00 1989 Saint Steven’s Cathedral Vienna 1991. Schulz, Lukas, Eikötter,
Vong, Choir of Odessa Conservatory, Hobrat Earl cond.

Op.31 STRING QUARTET No.2 – 2 vn, vla, vc. 8:30 1989 Tabakmuseum Vienna 1991. Motus Quartett Wien

Op.32 SERENADE – vn,vla, vc, pf. 14:10 1989 Bösendorfersaal Vienna 1990. Tomter, Hagen, Hilscher, Aguila

Op.33 CLARINET CONCERTO – clarinet,piano 17:00 1990 Bösendorfersaal Vienna 1991. Wenzel Fuchs cl, Aguila pno.

Op.34 CLARINET CONCERTO – cl.solo,chamber orchestra 17:00 1990 Dom Kompositor Moscow 1990, American Music Ens. Vienna,
H.Earl, W.Fuchs

Op.34-A CLARINET CONCERTO – cl.solo and 15 instruments 17:00 1990 New York

Op.35 VIENNA – cello, piano 15:00 1991 Bösendorfersaal Vienna 1992. M.Dallinger vc, Aguila pno.

Op.36 CUAUHTEMOC – full opera,orch,choir soli… 3 hour 1993 partially premiered different dates

Op.37 CARIBBEAN BACCHANAL – orch:3333-4331,hrp, pf, 13:00 1993 Lobero Theater Santa Barbara 1995. 6perc, guitars optional
Santa Barbara Symph. Giselle.Ben-Dor cond.

Op.37-A CARIBBEAN BACCHANAL – orch:3122-4331-4sax, 13:00 1993 6perc, guitars, hrp, pf.

Op.38 ORGAN FANTASY – organ 22:00 1993 Salzburg Austria 1994. Max Zweimüller

Op.39 CONGA – piano 10:00 1993 Winterthur Switzerland 1994.Eileen Huang

Op.40-A CONGA-LINE IN HELL – fl,2cl, harp, pf,1perc, 8Vc. 11:00 1993 Bing Theater, Los Angeles Museum of Art 1993. Lo-Cal
Composers Ensemble

Op.41 SALVA ME – choir a cappella 7:00 1993 Ventura City Hall, CA 1996. opt. strg-harp or organ acc. Ojai Camerata, Aguila

Op.42 SUNSET SONG – bassoon-piano 12:00 1994 Bing Theater, Los Angeles Museum of Art 1994. Judith Farmer bn, Aguila pno.

Op.43 CONGA-LINE IN HELL – 1111-1111-hrp,1perc, 11:00 1994 Juilliard Theater, New York 1994. New str:1111, pno.  Juilliard
Ensemble, Joel Sachs cond.

Op.44 CONGA – orch: 2222,3221, hrp, 12:00 1994 Civic Auditorium, Oxnard, CA 1994. piano,5 perc,strings Ventura Symphony Orch.
Bortis Brott cond.

Op.45 CUAUHTEMOC CHORAL SUITE – choir,3 soli,pno,perc 35:00 1994 Ojai Presbyterian Church, Ojai CA 1994 Ojai Camerata,
Charles Mc.Dermott cond.

Op.46 WIND QUINTET No.2 – fl,ob,cl,hn,bn 25:00 1994 Music Academy of the West, Santa Barbara CA 1995. Camerata Pacifica

Op.47 CUAUHTEMOC SONGS – T,B,S soli and piano 50:00 1994 Ojai, CA 1994, Ojai Camerata

Op.48 VALS BRUTAL – piano solo 5:00 1995 Bing Theater, Los Angeles Museum of Art, Los Angeles 1995. Aguila pno.

Op.49 PRESTO II – string quartet 6:00 1995 Carnegie Mellon Institute Auditorium Pittsburgh,PA 1996. Cuarteto Latinoamericano

Op.50 BACK IN TIME – orch:3222,4331, 4 perc, 9:30 1995 Glen Park, Los Angeles CA 1995 harp, strings Symphony in the Glen, A.
Rubinstein cond.

Op.51 CARIBBEAN BACCHANAL – 2 pianos/8 hands 13:00 1995 Ventura College Theater, Ventura CA 1995 E.Francis,N.Friedman, E
Kinsley, M.Aguila

Op.52 TENNESSEE – guitar solo 11:30 1996 First United Methodist Church, Ventura CA 1996. Matthew Greif guit.

Op.53 LACRYMOSA – med-high voice,piano 7:30 1996 Thacher School Lamb Auditorium, Ojai CA 1996 Anne Marie Ketchum sop. Aguila

Op.54 TU IL SOLE – low pop singer voice,pno 5:00 1996 text: Roco Caranci (not premiered)

Op.55 CHARMING LYNCH MOB – piano,cl,cello 15:30 1996 Civic Arts Plaza Forum Theater, Thousand Oaks CA 1996. Westlake Chamber

Op.56 CHARLESTON – arr: for choir and piano 4:00 1996 Ventura City Hall, Ventura CA 1996 from Mack/Johnson’s Ojai Camerata,
Aguila cond.

Op. 57 PIANO CONCERTO – piano, orchestra 25:00 1997 November 1997 Thousand Oaks, CA , New West Symph. Aguila-pno, B.Brott-

Op.58 CLOCKS – string quartet, piano 17:00 1998 May 9 1998, Ventura City Hall, Cuarteto Latinoamericano

CLOCKS – octet for  flute/clarinet/bassoon/harp/violin/viola/cello/piano 17:00 2020 premiered Ensemble Storstrom, Denmark

Op.59 PACIFIC SERENADE – string quartet, clarinet (or ALTO SAX) 16:00 1998 March 15 1998, Biltmore Hotel, LA, CA 1998 Pacific
Serenades Ensemble

Op.59-B – PACIFIC SERENADE – saxophone (cl) and piano 16:00 7/1/2003 Chautauqua Festival, NY G. Wolfe sax, Aguila

Op.60 NOSTALGICA – strings, bassoon 19:00 1998 June 5 1998, International Double Reed Convention 1998 Tempe, AZ. Barrick Stees

Op.60-A NOSTALGICA – for solo contrabass 19:00 and string quartet Costa Rica

Op.61 COMPOSER MISSING – chamber opera: choir, 90:00 1998 May 15 1998, Ventura City Hall Soloists, piano, perc, trombone
Ventura, CA Ojai Camerata

Op.62 NOCTURNE – solo piano 8:00 1998 May 15 1998, Ventura City Hall Ventura, CA Karen Corbett, piano

Op.63 TICO-TICO, BRASIL – choir, percussion, piano 9:00 1998 November 14 1998, Ojai Presb. Church (arrangement from original
by…) Ojai, CA Ojai Camerata

Op.64 TROUBADOURS – three pieces for mixed choir and optional piano, 10:00 1998, May 2000, Ventura Chamber Music Festival,
Ventura Master Choral, Burns Taft

Op.65 RETURN – violin and piano15:00 1998

Op.66 RETURN – violin and orchestra 15:00 1999, May 8 1999, Ventura Chamber Music Festival, Corey Cerovsek vl, Burns Taft

Op.67 MUSIC IN A BOTTLE – solo piano 10:00 1999, Univ.of VA Theater, James Miltenberger

Op.68 FOUR HAND ETUDE – pno-4-hands  4:00 1999, (not premiered)

Op.69 ONE OF YOU – solo organ, 14:00 2000, June 2001, American Guild of Organists National Convention, San Diego, CA. John
West organ

Op.70 HALF OF ME – piano left hand only. 8:00 2000, Van Cliburn Intern. Piano Compet

Op.71 TANGO TRIO – violin, cello and piano (also clarinet, cello and piano version) 12:00 2000, 2002 New Arts Trio,
Chautauqua Summer Festival, NY

Op.71 TANGO TRIO – clarinet, sax and piano

Op.71 TANGO TRIO – clarinet, bassoon and piano

Op.71 TANGO TRIO – clarinet, cello and piano

Op.71 TANGO TRIO – oboe, bassoon and piano

Op.71 TANGO TRIO – oboe, cello and piano

Op.71 TANGO TRIO – violin, clarinet and piano

Op.72 BLANCHE DUBOIS – (for solo guitar) 11:00 2002 (premiered unknown)

Op.73 CONGA-LINE IN HELL – (arr. for six pianos by D. Appleton) 13:00 2000 Royal Opera House, London, UK. 2000 Piano Circus

Op.74 PRESTO A CUATRO – guitar quartet.(arr. from Presto II) 6:00 2001 Avila, Spain. 2001 Entrequatre Guitar Quartet

Op.75 LIEUTENANT KIJE – 20:00 2001 (for two pianos four hands) arranged from Sergei Prokofiev’s, 2008 Ventura College
Theater. N. Friedman

Op.76 LIFE IS A DREAM – (for string quartet) 15:00 2002 Audubon Quartet 2002 Chautauqua Summer Festival NY

Op.77 CLARINET CONCERTO No.2 – 25:00 Allentown Symphony, Richard Stoltzman, D. Wittry cond

Op.78 THE ACHIEVEMENT OF HAPPINESS – (ch. orchestra)16:00 2004, Ventura Festival Orchestra, CA. Nuhvi Mehta cond.

Op.79 ALBUQUERQUE – 3′ for solo barbershop quartet (not premiered)

Op.80 CHAUTAUQUAN SUMMER OVERTURE (orcherstra) 15:00, 2004 Chautauqua Festival NY,  Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra,  Uriel Segal cond.

Op.81 SEDUCTION DANCE – (piano, flute, Oboe) 2005 International Double Reed Convention, Austin Texas

Op.82 LATIN LOVE – (wind quintet and piano) 2005, Los Angeles, CA, Pacific Serenades Ensemble

Op.83 CRYSTAL FLUTES SWING – for flute octet (opt. flute quartet) 6:00 2005 Chautauqua Festival, Chautauqua Flute Ensemble

Op.84 SALON BUENOS AIRES – for flute, clarinet, violin, vla, vc and piano. 23:00 7/16/05 at Cactus Peer Festival, San Antonio,
TX, Cactus Pear Ensemble

Op.85 OPHELIA IN SEVILLE –  for soprano, tenor, flute clarinet, trombone, 2 violins, viola, cello. 16:00 1/20/2006 Utah State
Univ.  Utah State Univ. Ensemble

Op.86 TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS – Opera in two acts 150 minutes. solo alto, tenor and other roles, chorus, orchestra. 4/21/06
Albuquerque, NM. New Mexico Symphony orchestra and chorus, Guillermo Figueroa

Op.87 TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS CHORAL SUITE – for orchestra, and mixed chorus. 17:00 10/28/05 Albuquerque, NM. New Mexico
Symphony Orchestra and chorus, Roger Melone

Op.88 FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT – for chamber mixed choir wind quartet and harp. 8:00 12/18/05 San Antonio Texas. Chancel Choir,
Laurel Heights UMC, San Antonio, TX

Op.89 FAMILIAR TECTONIC MOVEMENTS – for chamber ensemble and young singer. 10:00 5/1/06 Barelas Comm. Center, Albuquerque. New
Mexico Symphony, Martha Muna sop., Guilllermo Figueroa cond.

Op.90-A CHARANGO CAPRICCIOSO – for string quintet and piano 4-hands. 12:00 2006 at Austin Chamber Music Center, Austin, TX. Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Felicity and Margaret Coltman

Op.90-B CHARANGO CAPRICCIOSO – for string quartet and piano. 12:00

Op.91 THE GIANT GUITAR – For large orchestra 7:00 2006 at Kleinhaus Hall Buffalo, NY. Buffalo Philharmonic, JoAnne Falletta

Op. 92 OVERTURE TO TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS – 9:00 2006 in Albuquerque, NM. New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, Guillermo Figueroa

Op.93 THE DAY AFTER – For 8 cellos. 3:00 2007 Mexico City Albaro Bitran

Op.94 CONCERTO FOR VIOLIN AND ORCHESTRA – 26:00 2008 Guillermo Figueroa vl, New Mexico Symphony

Op.95 SEDUCCION – for flute, clarinet and piano 9:00 2008 Madison, WI, Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society,

Op.96 SEDUCCION – for violin and piano 7:00 2010 FAU Florida, Saul Bitran, M.Coltman

Op.96-B SEDUCCION – for clarinet and piano 7:00 2017 Bogota. Colombia Javier Vinasco

Op.96  SEDUCCION – for flute, cello and piano 7:00

Op.96  SEDUCCION – for flute, violin and piano 7:00

Op.97 TIME AND AGAIN BARELAS SUITE No.2 for large orch. chorus, solo tenor. 33:00  2008 Lancaster Symph. S. Gunzenhauser

Op.98 BOLIVIANA – for guitar and string quartet – 13:00  2009 New York, Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Manuel Barrueco
Op. 98-B BOLIVIANA – for piano and string quartet 2021 Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Sally Pinkas

Op.99 THE FALL OF CUZCO – for large orchestra – 20:00  2009 Nashville Symph. Giancarlo GuerreroOp.100 AVE MARIA – for choir and piano/harp optional – 5’ (premiere unknown)

Op.101 IT IS SO COLD TONIGHT – for tenor and orchestra 6:00 2010 San Juan, PR, Orquesta Sinfonica de Puerto Rico. Rafael D’Avila ten, G. Figueroa cond.

Op.102 SALON BUENOS AIRES – for orchestra 20:00  2010 Sarasota Symphony, Dirk Mayer

Op.103 BROKEN RONDO – for English horn and orchestra  14:00  2010  Johanna Cox, IDRS Ensemble

Op.104 BELLS WITH A MISSION – for solo organ 19:00 2011 (not premiered)

Op.105  CARIBEÑA – for orchestra  – 2222 – 4331- timp+2 – piano, harp strings 8:00 (premiered 2012 Boston, USA Boston Landmarks Orchestra Christopher Wilkins)

Op.105-A  CARIBEÑA – for chamber orchestra  – 1111 – 1110- timp+1 – piano, harp, strings. 8:00   2012 Boston Landmarks Orchestra Christopher Wilkins

Op.106 ISLAMORADA – for solo piano and string orchestra (versions for full string orchestra to 2Vl, Vla, Vc and Cb.) 9:30 Premiere 2013 by Philadelphia Virtuosi, Dan Spalding cond, and Gabriela Imreh, piano in Islamorada, Florida

Op. 107 SILENCE – for violin and piano. 10:00 Premiered 2013 at Music in The Mountains Festival, Durango, CO. G. Figueroa, vl, and Miguel del Aguila, pno

Op. 107-B SILENCE – for clarinet and piano. 10:00 premiered in New York City, 2015 by TransAtlantic Duo

Op. 107-C SILENCE – for cello and piano. 10:00

Op. 107-D SILENCE – for viola and piano. 10:00

Op. 107-R SILENCE – for solo clarinet and strieng orchestra 10:00

Op. 108 SUBMERGED – for flute, viola and harp.  11:00  Premiered in New York by Hat Trick Trio in 2014

Op. 108-B SUBMERGED – for flute, violin and harp.

Op. 108-C SUBMERGED – for three harps

Op. 108-C SUBMERGED – Septet for flute, clarinet, string quartet and harp

Op. 108- SUBMERGED – for two harps

Op. 108- SUBMERGED – for flute and viola

Op. 108- SUBMERGED – for English norn, violin and harp

Op. 109 REJECT – for piano trio (vl, cello,pno) 14:00 Commissioned by Alaria Trio

Op. 110-A  CONCIERTO EN TANGO – for solo cello and orchestra 18:00 Commissioned by the Buffalo Philharmonic for Roman Mekinulov. Premiered 2014 By Buffalo Philharmonic, JoAnn Falletta

Op. 110-B CONCIERTO EN TANGO – for solo viola and orchestra 18:00 Premieres 2016 by Guillermo Figueroa, Nicolo Eugelmi and Music in The Mountains Orchestra, Colorado

Op. 110-C  CONCIERTO EN TANGO – for solo string quartet and orchestra 18:00 Premiere 2016 Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Jesús Medina, Orquesta Sinfónica de la UANL, Mexico

Op. 111 MIAMI FLUTE SUITE – for flute and piano 23:00 Premiere 2014 by Nestor Torres and Miguel del Aguila in Miami Florida

Op. 112 SEXTET DANCES – for Wind Quintet and Piano. 8:30 Premiered by Colors Sextet at Salle de l’Ecole de Musique de Rosheim in Rosheim, France

Op. 113 CUTTING LIMES – for solo violin 4:00 Premiered Cactus Pear Festival/University of Nevada by Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio

Op. 114  PROCESSION OF LUNATICS – for four cellos 9:00

Op. 115-A  MALAMBO for bassoon and piano    13:00 Commission by Benjamin Coelho, Judith Farmer, Wendy Holdaway, Mathieu Lussier,  Richard Meek, Scott Pool,  Carl Rath, Barrick Stees, Sabrina  Stovall, Aura Trevino and Lia Uribe. Premiere 2016, Scott Pool Talis Quartet Talis Festival, Switzerland

Op. 115-B  MALAMBO for bassoon and string quartet    13:00

Op. 115-C  MALAMBO for bassoon and string orquestra  / or bassoon and string quintet (vl, vl, vla, Vc, cb.)  13:00

Op. 115-D  MALAMBO for clarinet and piano    13:00

Op. 115-E  MALAMBO for clarinet and string quartet  / or quintet with cb / or string orchestra 13:00

Op. 115-F  MALAMBO for clarinet and string orquestra / or clarinet and string quintet (vl, vl, vla, Vc, cb.)  13:00

Op. 115-G  MALAMBO for piano four hands 13:00

Op. 115-H  MALAMBO for flute, contrabass (double bass)  and piano  13:00

Op. 115-H  MALAMBO for saxophone and piano  – or quartet / or quintet with Cb / or string orchestra 13:00

Op. 115-I MALAMBO for piccolo or flute and piano  – or quartet / or quintet with Cb / or string orchestra 13:00

Op. 116 DISAGREE for clarinet, violin, cello and piano 10:30 premiered 2017 by SOLI Ensemble, San Antonio, TX

Op. 116-A DISAGREE for clarinet, viola and piano 10:30 premiered 2018 by Acuarimántima Trio, Colombia

Op. 116-B DISAGREE for clarinet, violin and piano 10:30′ premiered 2018 by Kavanah Trio, Texas

Op. 116-D DISAGREE for flute, violin cello and piano 10:30 premiere 2019

Op. 116-E DISAGREE for flute, clarinet and piano 10:30 premiere 2020 Telos Trio

Op. 116-F DISAGREE for flute, violin and piano 10:30 premiere 2021 Trio Manestri

Op. 117 MILONGA for clarinet and piano 4:00 premiered 2017 by Javier Vinasco and Miguel del Aguila Bogota, Colombia

Op. 118 WIND QUINTET No. 3 – 10:00 premiered 2016 by Lyrique Quintette in Fayetteville, AK

Op. 119 ESTUDIO RÍTMICO  for solo unaccompanied clarinet 8:00 premiered 2017 by Javier Vinasco in Bogota, Colombia

Op. 119-B ESTUDIO RÍTMICO  shorter version (preferred by composer) for solo unaccompanied clarinet 6:30

Op. 119-C ESTUDIO RÍTMICO  for solo unaccompanied saxophone 6:00

Op. 120 – SONATA FLAUTÍSIMA – for solo unaccompanied flute 11:30

Op. 121 – GUARANÍ AL AIRE – for 3 harps 8:00

Op. 122 – QUINTETO SINFÓNICO – for wind quintet 12:00 (2019)

Op. 123 – TRANSOCEÁNICA – for clarinet quartet 8:00 (2019)

Op. 123-B – TRANSOCEÁNICA – for reed quintet: Ob,cl,sax,bn,b.cl) 8:00 (2020)

Op. 124 – INVISIBLES – for solo piano 13:00 (2019) premiered Talis Festival Sarajevo

Op. 125 – TAMBOREÑO – for flute, clarinet, e.guitar, bass and piano 8:00 2021 Fivebyfive

Op. 125-B – TAMBOREÑO – for piano quintet: string quartet and piano 8:00 2021 Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Sally Pinkas

Op.126 – TENSANDO – for violin, cello, bass and piano 8:00 2019 premiered St. Malo Festival, Panama

Op.126 – TENSANDO – for orcehstra 8:00 premiered 2021 Augusta Symphony

Op.127 – PIANOLA REBELDE – for three pianos, 6 hands 2021

Op.128 – BARROQUEADA – for violin, cello and piano. 19:00 2021

Op.129 – ABSENT LIGHTS – for oboe, viola and double bass. 8:30 2021

Op.129 – LUCES AUSENTES – for flute, violin and double bass. 8:00 2021

Op.130 – GUITAR CLARINET DUET – for clarinet and guitar. 8:00 2021

Op. 131 – SAMBEANDO – for solo guitar. 2:00 2021

Op. 132 – BLINFOLD MUSIC – for wind quintet. 11:00 2021

Op. 133 – TANGO VOLANTE – cello and piano 7:00 2021

Op. 134 – CONCIERTO CON BRIO – double concerto for oboe, clarinet and orchestra. 17:00 2022

Op. 134-A – CONCIERTO CON BRIO – for oboe, clarinet and piano 17:00 2022

Op. 135 – SANBEADA – for woodwind quintet 5:00 2022

Op. 136 – TORRENTIAL RAINDANCE – for flute and piano 8:00 2023

Op. 137 – HEAD FOR THE EXIT – for piano 4-hands 4:00 2023

Op. 138 – PIANO ROLLS FLUTE – for flute and piano 6:00


For all selfpublished works and inquiries contact m@migueldelaguila.com or 

Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt Pablo Mielgo Conductor Miguel del Aguila’s CONGA performance

recent performance of Broken Rondo

Grammy nominated CD Salón Buenos Aires flyer

Miguel del Aguila on YouTube

For inquiries: m@migueldelaguila.com

Three-time Grammy nominated American composer Miguel del Aguila was born in Uruguay in 1957. In over 130 works that combine drama, driving rhythms and nostalgic nods to his South American roots, he has established himself among the most distinctive and highly regarded composers of his generation. His music, which enjoys over 200 performances annually, has been hailed as “brilliant and witty” (New York Times), “sonically dazzling” (Los Angeles Times) and “expressive and dramatic” (American Record Guide). Recorded on more than 55 CDs, his music has been performed by over 100 orchestras throughout the Americas and Europe, including the Chicago Symphony and Chicago Philharmonic, Norwegian Radio Orchestra, and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra; the Kiev, Odessa, Heidelberg, Royal Liverpool, Buffalo, Louisiana and Ciudad de México Philharmonics; and the Welsh BBC, Toronto, Nashville, Seattle, Albany, San Antonio, Long Beach, Fort Worth, Santa Barbara, Caracas and São Paulo Symphonies, and the Orchestra of the Americas.
Conductors who have performed del Aguila’s works include Leonard Slatkin, JoAnn Falletta, Giancarlo Guerrero, Marin Alsop, Carlos Miguel Prieto, Lukas Foss, Gerard Schwarz, Jorge Mester, Guillermo Figueroa, David Allan Miller, Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Andrew Litton, Eckart Preu, Dirk Meyer, and José Arean.
Notable among over a thousand chamber ensembles performing his works are the Sphinx Virtuosi, Windscape, Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, SOLI, New Juilliard Ensemble, Eroica Trio, Philadelphia Chamber Ensemble, Collegium Novum Zürich, Imani Winds, Fifth House, Cuarteto Latinoamericano, and the Pacifica and Verona string quartets.
Festivals performing his music include Aspen, Cabrillo, Chautauqua, Ravinia, Oregon Bach Festival, Minnesota Orchestra Sommerfest, Bregenz Festspiele, Wiener Festwochen, Budapest Spring, Cervantino, and Prague Spring. In addition to his three Latin Grammy nominations, del Aguila has received a Kennedy Center Friedheim Award, a Magnum Opus/Kathryn Gould Award, grants from The Composer New Music USA/Music Alive and the Copland Foundation, and the Lancaster Symphony Composer of the Year award. He has held extensive composer residencies with the Orchestra of the Americas (2020); the Danish Chamber Players/Ensemble Sorstrøm (2021); the Chautauqua Institution Music Festival (2001-2004); and a two-year residency with the New Mexico Symphony provided by a Meet the Composer/Music Alive Award, resulting in the fully staged premiere of his opera Time and Again Barelas (2007). Del Aguila serves as a member of the Barlow Endowment’s Board of Advisors. After graduating from San Francisco Conservatory, del Aguila studied at Vienna’s Universität für Musik. Early premieres in the Musikverein and Konzerthaus were followed by performances in the U.S. in Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall and The Brooklyn Philharmonic conducted by Lukas Foss. Soon after he settled in Southern California in 1992, the Los Angeles Times praised him as “one of the West Coast’s most promising young composers.” After many years in California, where he taught composition and for three years served as music director of the Ojai Camerata, del Aguila moved to Seattle. - www.migueldelaguila.com

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